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banner_02 Have you taken a serious look at the cost of college today?

Even the cost of public universities is now stretching the finances of the average family. Gone are the days when you could just borrow the money to pay for education. Due to Federal deficits, the government can no longer afford to subsidize student loans at low interest rates. And if you have two, or more, children to educate, your dreams of an early retirement could be postponed by 5-7 years due to college costs.

But that’s not the only problem you face. Predictions are that baby-boomers will remain in the workforce longer than expected, making it much more difficult for college graduates to find a job. Today many families are paying over $100,000 for a child’s college education, only to discover that positions in their field have been filled with candidates with more “experience”.

The Tuition Rx Financial Education Association was created to educate the general public on the subject of cash flow and cost containment strategies to finance college. Our member advisors provide free workshops to their local communities and whether you have a newborn, or a senior in high school, a good student, or a good athlete; these workshops will provide valuable information that any family, regardless of income, can use to plan financially for college.

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